• "The Utah trip was an awesome trip. Joe did a great job as a guide. He did excellent with the meals, snacks, accommodations and made it a trip to remember for all that made the trip."

    - Kipp L. Utah Canyons 2014

  • "I enjoyed every facet of the trip; food, scenery, and most of all my fellow hikers, all were first class. Thank you for encouraging me to not pull the plug on the trip when I had doubts. You do your job very well. Please pass along a big thank you to the fine folks at headquarters for being such wonderful promoters of the great outdoors and making this trip possible for me. I have enjoyed a 20 plus year relationship with your store in OKC and hope to have 20 more. "

    - Bill L. Utah Canyons 2014

  • "Our Mt. Everest trek was truly an experience of a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your energy, experience, and love of adventure with us over these past few weeks. "

    - Bill & Susan D. Nepal 2012

  • "I have had the privilege to follow guides up Rainier, in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, and in the outback of Australia, but none of them measure up to you enthusiasm, kindness, and stamina. I look forward to future adventures with Backwoods Adventures and you. "

    - Steve H. Nepal 2012

  • "Thank you for a wonderful experience. All your guidance and prep-work help me be prepared and fit enough to enjoy the climb and feel great afterwards. Minus the cold fingers and toes (which i kind of expected;-), I couldn't have ask for a better climb up the mountain."

    - Amanda M. Kilimanjaro 2013

  • "I hope this weekend goes as well as last week. You, Joe and Billy were excellent hosts and instructors. I had a wonderful time. Thanks again for all your patient coaching and kind words. "

    - John R. Colorado Fly Fishing 2013

  • "Being serenaded in the middle of the night albeit the wee early morning hours, on the steepest slopes of Kilimanjaro by voices of pure melodious balance brought complete joy, heightened peace, and humbling memories to me. I am happy to have shared such a significant time with you. Thank you! "

    - Trent & Pamela A. Kilimanjaro 2013

  • "Thanks for being the best guide ever. Your encouragement, concern, and professionalism has made this trip a truly wonderful experience. I wish you all he very best in all that you do and hope to see you soon. "

    - Kay G. Kilimanjaro 2014

Something Life Changing Is Just One Adventure Away!

Mount Kilimanjaro Climb

Reach life-changing elevations and climb Africa’s most magnificent and storied summit, Mount Kilimanjaro. This incredible vacation will have you climbing the highest peak in Africa. We utilize local guides as well as porters to carry our gear, cook and handle all the duties while you hike with a small pack by day and relax in camp by night. After we experience the mountain, we will have the option to travel by land rover to 3 world-renown National Parks to see such animals as elephants, lions, hippopotamus, and zebra. Join us today for a Mount Kilimanjaro Climb you have always dreamed of!

What’s Included


• 7 day/6 night climb of the Machame Route or 5 day/4 night climb of Marangu route on Mt. Kilimanjaro
• 1 cultural/rest day in and around Moshi prior to climb
• Expert local guide and Backwoods Adventures Trip Host.
• 3 nights at Springlands Hotel
• All transfers to and from Kilimanjaro International Airport
• Marmot 4 season tents on climb
• Minimum 3 pre-departure information conference calls with Backwoods Adventures host.
• All meals, park fees, and all guide and porter fees

What’s Not Included

• All airfare to and from Tanzania (Inquire to learn more about our flight booking service)
• Personal gear and clothing
• Alcoholic drinks, extra drinks and snacks
• Gratuities
• Extras; laundry, massage, internet

Mount Kilimanjaro is located three degrees south of the equator in Northeastern Tanzania. It is the tallest mountain in Africa and the largest free-standing mountain on the planet. This astounding mountain is composed of three volcanoes: Shira, Mawenzi, and our target, Kibo, the tallest of all three. Of all the 7 Summits  on the planet, this is the easiest to get to and climb, and requires no technical climbing skills. Most fit and determined adventurers can reach the summit with the assistance of guides and porters.


At Backwoods Adventures we know that well fed travelers are happy travelers! We aim to please your palate. These examples may not be the exact fare of the day and may change from day to day, but following are a few examples of our daily meals:

Breakfast: Breakfasts are typically eggs, toast, meat, and fruit along with a selection of hot drinks.

Lunch: Lunches will be some combination of bread, cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes, fried potatoes, fried bread, fruit, biscuits, and hot drinks. “Tea” is served mid-to late afternoon with peanuts, popcorn, and/or biscuits.

Dinner: Dinners will be served with soup and bread first, followed by pasta, potatoes, or rice with different sauces, which are often tomato-based with meat, beans, and vegetables.

Note: Vegetarian and other special diets can be accommodated. Because of the exercise and high altitude, you should drink 3-4 liters of water a day. The porters will boil water along the route for you.


Our accommodations will vary based upon our location. However, all hotels are among the highest ranked in the nation for both location and amenities. We make every effort to deliver high quality, unique experiences in any country we may find ourselves! The Springlands Hotel received the” “Award of Districts”, “Award for Tidiness” and the Moshi Municipal Council granted Springlands the” “2004 CUP” for maintaining cleanliness in the environment. The Springlands Resort will  be your home base for our Mt. Kilimanjaro trek and Tanzanian photo safari. It’s located just over a mile from the center of Moshi (800m/2600). The rooms are remarkably clean and relaxing; with twin beds, mosquito netting, and bath rooms with hot showers. This is a private hotel located inside its own peaceful enclosure to ensure the best security and privacy. The resort personnel are very friendly and helpful individuals. Their huge smiles and outgoing personalities will delight you! During the course of the trek we will be staying in large 4-person tents. All rooms are on a twin-sharing basis, unless otherwise arranged. Amenities and services include: dining establishment as well as garden bar, massage, pedicure or manicure, swimming pool and sauna, television area, exercise area, guided jungle strolls, gift shop for sundries and tokens, telephone solutions and net accessibility, locked storage containers (while on trek or trip), washing machines, bike rental (to community and back), rental equipment (for the trek), safe deposit box ($ 1/day)


Altitude – Our trip to Mt. Kilimajaro will take us to remote regions at high altitude. We always take our time to acclimatize properly by allowing for additional rest days. When gaining in altitude above 10,000 feet, we have included sufficient rest or “layover” days to ensure that you acclimatize properly. While many people may experience minor ill effects from high altitudes, there are some who have persistent symptoms that require returning to a lower altitude or, in extreme cases, emergency evacuation. We do our best to allow a pace for everyone to acclimatize. Listening to your guide will help a great deal. We cannot determine how you will do at altitude, but being in the best shape possible and having a lower body fat percentage will help greatly.

The ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro is a strenuous adventure and should not be undertaken if you have any health conditions which may put you at risk. You are strongly advised to consult your physician for a thorough medical check-up and clearance before attempting the mountain. If you are over 50 years old, talk to your doctor about doing a “stress EKG”. Should you require any medication whatsoever, you must provide your own and be able to administer it yourself. Medical supplies in Tanzania are not reliable or guaranteed though we will have a fully stocked medical kit on the trip.

Talk to your doctor about the following vaccinations: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), Malaria pills, prescriptions you are currently taking, or should take in case you get sick.

Visa Requirements

U.S. Citizens need a visa for Tanzania. You can get the visa application from the Tanzania Embassy website or call them in Washington D.C. at 202-939-6125, and ask for a visa application. You will need to send:

•Valid passport (must be valid for at least 6 months beyond entry)
•One application per traveler
•One passport-size photo
•$100 money order for each person (no checks)
•Prepaid return envelope to the embassy

Allow 30 days for processing. You might want to consider sending it certified mail or Federal Express both directions to ensure the safety of your passport. You can also get a visa at the Kilimanjaro International Airport once you arrive. You should carry a photocopy of your passport, insurance information and emergency contact numbers with you at all times. You should leave a copy of this information with a friend or relative at home.


There are two main routes on Mt. Kilimajaro: the Marangu and Machame, neither of these routes are technical and are therefore suitable for hikers. The Machame Route, also called the “”Whiskey Route” takes 7 days. There are no sleeping huts, so we sleep in tents. The Marangu, or “Coca-Cola Route”, is a shorter climb, taking only 5 days. This route for those with less time in Africa utilizes established huts for sleeping.


You will be arriving and departing from the Kilimanjaro International Airport. Backwoods Adventures will be providing all transfers to and from the airport. If there are issues with in-bound or out-bound flights, we will assist in any way possible.



Trip Dates: 
Kilimanjaro Climb:
June 14 – June 23, 2015
June 28 – July 7, 2015

Safari Ext. :
June 23 – June 26, 2015
July 7 – July 10, 2015


Or, book a custom adventure trip.

Kilimanjaro climb:
8 or more – $4,499
5 to 7 – $5,249
1 to 4 – Custom pricing

Safari Extension:

Mount Meru Extension:

Activities: Hiking & Trekking

Springlands Hotel, 3 nights; Machame route camps, 6 nights or Marangu huts, 4 nights

Mt. Kilimanjaro Links:

Tanzanian Embassy
CDC Health Information
Weather for Tanzania
Travel Insurance

Suggested Readings:
Buy these books at your local Backwoods store or call 1.877.331.4255.

Kilimanjaro & Mt Kenya: Climbing and Trekking Guide

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Area Facts and Details

    • Mount Kilimanjaro, with its three volcanic cones, Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira, is an extinct volcano in North Eastern Tanzania. Rising 4,600 meters (15,092 feet) from its base, it is one of the world’s highest free standing mountains and is additionally the highest peak in Africa. It lies 205 miles south of the equator and stands on Tanzania/Kenya border. Kilimanjaro supports 5 major eco-zones: rainforest, heath, moorland, alpine desert and glaciers.
    • The top of Mount Kilimanjaro has seen a significant retreat of the newest glaciers, with the most recent ice cap volume dropping by more than 80%. Scientist speculate that the shrinking of Kilimanjaro’s ice cap is not directly due to rising temperatures, but rather to decreased precipitation..
    • Given the grandeur of Mount Kilimanjaro, there is relatively little recorded history of the peak. Even the origins of the name are unknown, although there are several theories. European explorers had adopted the name by 1860 and reported it was Swahili Kilima meaning hill or little mountain and Njaro meaning white or shining. However, it is not understood why the diminutive kilima is used rather than the proper word for mountain, mlima. The name may be a sarcastic joke, referring to the “little hill of the Njaro.” Another theory is that it comes from the Kichagga “kilmanare” or “kileajao” meaning “which defeats the bird/leopard/caravan,” although this doesn’t explain why the name Kilimanjaro was never used in Kichagga before in it was used in Europe.
    • There are several routes by which to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, but Machame is by far the most scenic, albeit steeper route.
    • Fastest ascent: Bruno Brunod, 5 hours 38 minutes 40 seconds.
    • Youngest person to summit: Keats Boyd, 7 years old.
    • Oldest person to summit: Valtee Daniel, 87 years old.