• "The whole Backwoods Adventure, from the slideshow, to the advice/shopping at the Norman store to the conference calls to the actual trip itself was fantastic. I hope to continue these trips as they provide a lot of value for the cost!"

    - Terry B `2011

  • "Not only was the food good, but the variety & impulsiveness was fun... keep it up. The lunch at Silencio was pleasantly unique, as were the roadside stops and new foods. I traveled with Backwoods as the positive result of a previous Backwoods trip and would be pleased to do so again."

    - J. Rogers `2008

  • "Thank you to Joe for being our trip leader. His sense of humor and patience played a huge part in the success of the trip. It was a great experience that was planned well!"

    - R. & M. Hall `2009

  • "I’m speechless. Having just returned from this very trip all I can say is – can I do it all over again? This trip is absolutely unbelievable at every level. The accommodations, the food, the people, the ruins, the hiking-I find I have to pinch myself while reviewing my pictures in order to believe that I was actually there!"

    - Jim R. – Utah Canyons 2011

  • "The Salkantay/Machu Picchu trip was amazing. The icing on the cake was Joe's fantastic sense of humor, patience and unassuming nature. Backwoods Adventures was exceptionally well represented by Joe on this trip. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to fulfill a life list goal."

    - Pam C. – Machu Picchu 2008

  • "Great success overall. Definitely and experience I will remember for a long long time. The flexibility offered on the trip was greatly appreciated. Great call on gear list and was able to get all the appropriate gear at Backwoods."

    - Dan M. – Costa Rica 2011

  • "This trip far exceeded my expectations. I knew it would be beautiful, but it was more beautiful than I expected. I knew the good would be good, but it was better. I knew Joe would be good, but then there was Beatrice and Caroline. I knew the group would be good and fun loving…but it was even more fun than I thought!"

    - Rich C. – Mont Blanc 2011

  • "My general comments are…this was THE BEST trip of my life, by far(and I have been places). The group, Joe, the supporting company, the hike, the safari, the whole overall experience was absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anybody who loves Nature, adventure and physical challenges."

    - Carlos Q. – Kilimanjaro 2011

Something Life Changing Is Just One Adventure Away!

Why Travel With Backwoods Adventures?

A Gift To Yourself
Exploring the cultures and wonders of the world: trekking in the Himalayas, zip lining through a rain forest, reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro, hiking through Europe only to find a fabulous meal awaiting, staying in quaint, unique places. Many people dream of these experiences but find it cumbersome to actually make the dream come to life.

meet-new-faces.jpgBackwoods Adventures makes the dream a reality while you sit back, relax and enjoy. Once you decide to travel with us, we take care of all arrangements from start to finish (including air travel), so you can do one thing – have the time of your life!
Backwoods Adventures is an affordable luxury.

Travel With Trust
Backwoods Adventures visits all locations prior to offering the trip to fellow adventurers. The BWA team explores the location, accommodations, and meets the local guides that will be a part of your experience. You can feel confident when you travel with us that your trip will be a success.

Passionate Staff
Our guides are travel-savvy, trained and experienced team members. You’ll speak with them before you embark on your adventure to answer all your questions. They are passionate about travel, the BWA destinations and primarily about exploring the world with others.

Explore & Enjoy
Whether exploring a domestic location or venturing to the other side of the world, you can expect the adventure you’ve always dreamed about. Whether enjoying the local culture, taking in the beauty of the outdoors, challenging yourself physically, tasting the local cuisine, relaxing during a “built-in” day off, or just having fun, you will be treated to the experience of a lifetime!

Meet New Faces
You’ll meet some amazing people on your journey with Backwoods Adventures, including your fellow travelers! Backwooders all share a common interest in travel and the outdoors, as well as a passion to explore the world. You’ll meet locals around the globe that you’ll never forget and you’ll be traveling with friends that you’ll keep for a lifetime. Backwoods Adventures trips are filled with encounters with local residents, camaraderie with fellow travelers and experiences of a lifetime!

Backwoods Adventures History
Backwoods, founded in 1973, was one of the first specialty outdoor retailers in its region. Known for integrity, treating the customer right, an exceptional staff, top quality technical gear and a broad collection of outdoor clothing and footwear, Backwoods has been keeping people safe and comfortable in the outdoors for over 35 years. Currently operating stores in 5 states, Backwoods also opened an online store in November 2008 to serve customers both inside and outside its region.

Backwoods Adventures, founded in 2004, took the Backwoods mission a step further- an adventure travel company that would make exploring the world an experience worth remembering! Taking the core values of Backwoods to heart, Backwoods Adventures promises to provide a unique, personal, first-rate experience for all adventurers.